Registration for CAP

How do I register?
Employees and students may register online, and CAP packets should arrive in the mail within 3-5 business days. If a permit/pass is needed immediately, please register in-person.

Online instructions:

  • Log in with your Onyen (or with PID).
  • Select “CAP Member” as your group.
  • Select your appropriate mode of transportation. Read and agree to terms.
  • Choose your current mailing address and email.
  • Follow the remaining steps through checkout.

To register in-person, university employees and students may visit the Public Safety building at 285 Manning Drive, and UNC Healthcare employees can register at the Hospitals Parking Offices located in front of the NC Children’s Hospital.

How will I get my CAP packet if I register online?
Packets are mailed to the address provided during registration. If the packet does not arrive within 5 business days, please contact CAP.
Can I join / leave CAP mid-year?
If you are interested in joining CAP, you can turn in your on-campus parking permit at any time for a pro-rated refund (or to stop payroll deductions). If you do not already have a parking permit, you can simply choose your commute option to sign up for CAP.

If you are no longer interested in being a CAP member, you can turn in your Park & Ride permit, GoPass, or Chatham Transit Express (CT) pass to the Public Safety Building for a pro-rated refund (or to stop payroll deductions).

Can I switch commute options mid-year?
Yes! Please come to the Public Safety Building and or the Hospital parking offices. If you’re switching from Park & Ride permit or free bus pass, please bring it with you.
When registering for CAP, I only see the option to purchase parking permits. What do I need to do to see all of the CAP commute options?
When choosing a group, make sure that you choose “CAP MEMBER” from the drop down list to ensure that the CAP commute options will appear.
How long am I a CAP member once I register?
CAP membership lasts for the year, beginning on August 15 and ending on August 14 of the next year. You will receive a reminder email to re-register.
I forgot my password.
Please email us at with your PID and we will reset it for you.

Park & Ride and On-Campus Parking

Do I need anything to park at a Park & Ride lot?
The University and Town Park & Ride lots, served by Chapel Hill Transit, require a paid permit. The regional Park & Ride lots, served by GoTriangle, are free of charge and do not require a permit (a gate card is needed for the American Tobacco Deck).
Is my Park & Ride permit assigned to a specific lot?
Permits are valid in any of the University and Town Park & Ride lots, and parking is available on a first come, first served basis.
I have more than one vehicle. Can I get another decal to switch back and forth?
If you have more than one vehicle, log in to your account and click “Manage Your Vehicles” to add another. Please note this will assign the vehicle to you as an employee/student, so that vehicle can no longer park in a visitor space unless you request a visitor permit from the Public Safety building.
Where is the free occasional use permit valid?
The permit is valid in S11 lots, in any of the “R” (remote lots) such as AOB/Giles Horney, or in any of the Park & Ride lots served by Chapel Hill Transit. Please note that students can only use the S11-Manning lot. Employees may use any S11 lot along Skipper Bowles Dr.
What if I use up all my 1-day occasional use permits?
One-day hang tags for the S11 lots are available for purchase in-person from the Public Safety building (285 Manning Dr) or the Hospital parking offices (in front of Children’s Hospital). Hourly parking is also available on campus at the Rams Head Deck on Ridge Road for $1.50 per hour.
I lost my Park & Ride permit, how can I replace it?
To replace a lost Park & Ride permit, come in person to the Public Safety Building (285 Manning Dr) or to the Hospitals parking offices (in front of Children’s Hospital) and fill out a lost affidavit. There is a $25 replacement fee.

GoPass and CT pass

Can I use a bus pass and also have Park & Ride permit?
Yes. The online system will not allow registration for both a bus pass and an annual Park & Ride permit, so you can register for one online and obtain the other in person at the University or Hospital parking offices. You may purchase daily or weekly Park & Ride permits at any time online. Please note that Park & Ride permits are not necessary for the free GoTriangle or PART lots, just for UNC or Town of Chapel Hill-operated lots.
I have a class/internship at Duke and wanted to get a GoPass to take the Robertson Express Bus, how can I get one?
The GoPass is for UNC employees and students who live outside the Chapel Hill Transit service area and is only for commuting to UNC. If you need to ride the Robertson Express Bus, passes are available for purchase through GoTriangle.
I lost my bus pass, how can I replace it?
To replace a lost GoPass or CT pass, come in person to the Public Safety Building (285 Manning Dr) or to the Hospitals parking offices (in front of Children’s Hospital) and fill out a lost affidavit. The first replacement is free. Any additional replacements cost $25.


If I ride my bike to campus, do I need to register for CAP?
It is required to register your bicycle, but you should also register for CAP to receive the benefits!
Can I have a motorcycle permit and join CAP?
Yes, you may purchase a motorcycle permit and join CAP. Please come by the Public Safety office (285 Manning Dr) to obtain your CAP and motorcycle permit.

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch.