Tar Heel Express

Chapel Hill Transit provides the Tar Heel Express shuttle service from local Park and Ride lots to UNC home football games.

  • The cost to ride the Tar Heel Express is $5 round-trip or $3 one-way. No parking fee is charged for any Tar Heel Express pick-up lot.
  • All buses drop-off along South Road in front of Carmichael Auditorium and Woollen Gym. All buses also pick up from this location post-game.
  • Due to University Place expansion, the Tar Heel Express will no longer service University Place.
  • Following the game, buses run continuously for approximately 45 minutes.
  • For more information on the Tar Heel Express, visit the Town of Chapel Hill website.

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Rams Club Member Parking

Parking lots throughout campus are designated as reserved Rams Club Parking for football game day patrons. Reserved lots must be cleared by 8 a.m. on Home Football Saturdays. Rams Club parking assignments for athletic events is managed by The Educational Foundation. For more information on Rams Club member parking, please visit http://ramsclub.com/parking.

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General Public Parking

Public Parking Lots are available for football games. Exact change is appreciated to facilitate traffic flow into the lots. No more than one space per vehicle is allowed.

Public Parking (standard sized vehicles) is available in the following lots:

New for 2016!

Pre-Paid Parking is available for purchase online in advance of the game.  Purchase your parking and display the online permit when entering the lot easy access. Pre-Paid game-day parking is available in the following lots:

RV Parking is available at the Friday Center Park and Ride Lot. Tar Heel Express provides transportation into campus for the game. No public RV parking is available on campus. The following applies to RV game parking:

  • RV reservations can be made using the Football Request Form. Reservations are encouraged 72-hours in advance to guarantee space on game day.
  • RVs are expected to keep the number of spaces occupied to a minimum (no more than 7)
  • RVs and their passengers are asked to please clean up all trash prior to departure
  • RV parking at the Friday Center is free

Charter Bus Parking is designated on Bowles Drive near the Dean E. Smith Center as space allows. Alternate bus parking is located at the Friday Center Park and Ride Lot off of NC Highway 54. Bus parking is $40 at the Smith Center and no charge at the Friday Center Park and Ride location.

Town of Chapel Hill Parking information is available at Parking on the Hill.

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Disability Parking & Shuttles

Disability Parking is in the Ambulatory Care Lot (ACC) off Mason Farm Road. Patrons with state (any state) disability permits or license plates may park. There is a $10.00 cost per vehicle. The ACC Lot Parking Ambassador, who greets patrons when they arrive at the lot will provides specific parking space options on game day based on vehicle size and patron mobility. Patrons with a temporary mobility issue that do not have a state issued disability permit or plate may arrange for a game day disability parking permit by contacting the Parking and Transportation Services at 919-962-3951 or submit requests using the Football Request Form.

Ambulatory Care Lot Game Day Shuttle provides shuttle service from the Ambulatory Care Lot to Kenan Stadium Gates 2 & 6 beginning 3 hours prior to the game and operates until 10 minutes after kick-off. The shuttles provide pick-up/drop-off service throughout the lot and deliver to Kenan Stadium Gates 2 & 6. The shuttles provide pick-up/drop-off service throughtout the lot and deliver to Kenan Stadium Gate 2 and 6. Patrons are encouraged to check the shuttle labels before boarding to ensure boarding for north side” or “south side” shuttle. Return shuttle service resumes post-game at Gates 2 & 6 and transport begins as the crowd and traffic allows. Emergency ride back is provided during the game by EMS upon request.

Shuttle drivers are not allowed to accept gratuities as they are paid to operate the shuttles and provide professional service to our valued event patrons with disabilities.

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Employee Parking

Spaces are available in lots throughout campus for working employees (not for attending the game) who display valid weekday parking permits, UNC Hospitals’ credentials, or Event Employee parking permits. Department Parking Coordinators may request parking permits that will be honored in game day employee lots for temporary or permanent employees reporting for work who do not have a weekday permit by using the Football Request Form. Traffic may be heavy at times on game days, so plan accordingly when reporting.

See map of Employee Game Day Parking (reserved for employees reporting directly to work and not attending the football game).

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Student Parking

Student Resident Parking is only allowed in a few areas across campus on game days. UNC housing residents including permit holders in the Ehringhaus (K), Morrison Circle & Craige (L), and Hinton James (M) lots must relocate vehicles from these lots by 8 a.m. on football Saturdays until 1 hour after the end of the game. Students can relocate to S11 Manning lot only and/or Craige Deck.

Commuter Student Parking is available in Student Game Day Parking areas on campus to students coming to campus for academic purposes only. Students must display a weekday permit or park prior to the monitor arriving for game operations. Weekday student commuter permits are not honored in reserved game day parking lots.

Graduate Student Parking is available to students working on experiments/academics on game days by contacting the Parking Coordinator in the respective graduate school, program/department. The Parking Coordinator may request a permit for a graduate student via the Football Request Form. Event permits of this type are for academic business only and not for game parking.

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Reserved Areas & Vehicle Relocation

Parking lots throughout campus are designated as Reserved Areas for football game day parking and operations. Vehicles left in these lots after 8:00 a.m. on game days will be relocated at the owner’s expense. Vehicles left in reserved lots on the north side of campus will be relocated to the General Administration Lot and vehicles left in south side campus lots will be relocated to the back row of the Bowles Lot. The cost for violating event parking restrictions is a $50 parking citation and a $90-$100 relocation fee. Owners may retrieve vehicles directly from the lots without completing any paperwork. Parking violations must be paid with 10 calendar days to avoid late fees or appealed to be eligible for appeal consideration. Contact 919-962-8100 if you require assistance in locating your vehicle.

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Taxi Service Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Taxi services including Uber and Lyft may drop and pick-up passengers along South Columbia bus lane between Manning Drive and South Road. Other areas of campus have restricted traffic and road access and taxi services are not allowed.

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Traffic Information

Due to the volume of vehicles on home football game days, it is best to plan on traffic delays and follow suggested directions of travel. Traffic is typically heaviest 1.5 hours prior to game time. To avoid campus traffic, game patrons may want to consider park and ride and utilize Tar Heel Express to get to the stadium. Please heed the signs and directions given by traffic and parking personnel.

Some campus roads are restricted to manage traffic and stadium access prior to and following games. Only emergency vehicle, buses, and patrons with a UNC Season Football Parking Permit for the area are allowed access.

For up-to-date campus traffic information, call the event hotline at 919-962-3951 or listen to 1610 AM on your radio as you get close to campus or check the Parking and Transportation Breaking News section and Twitter for the latest announcements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Parking

Where is Public Parking?How much does it cost?
$10 per vehicle

Employee Parking

Where do employees coming to work (not for the football game) park?How much does it cost?
No additional cost.

RV Parking

Where do I park an RV?
RV parking is at the Friday Center Park and Ride Lot off NC Highway 54. There is no public RV parking on campus.
Are there RV hook-ups?
No, there are no RV hook-ups or public restrooms. The closest RV accommodations with hook-ups are located at Jordan Lake and the Eno River State Park.
How much does it cost?
Free at the Friday Center Park and Ride
How early can I arrive?
Friday at 5 p.m. prior to football Saturday – leave by 5 p.m. Sunday.
Are reservations required?
No, not for individual RVs. Groups are encouraged to notify Transportation and Parking at least 72 hours in advance at 919-962-3951 or via the website Event Form.
How do I get to the game from the RV parking?
Chapel Hill Transit provides the Tar Heel Express shuttle service 3 hours prior to game time from the Friday Center lot to UNC home football games at $5 per person roundtrip.

Disability Parking

Where is disability parking for game day?
Ambulatory Care Center off of Mason Farm Road
What is required?
Patrons with a state issued disability license plate, permit or placards are honored in reserved disability parking for game days. Patrons with a temporary mobility issue may call 919-962-3951 or request a one-game disability permit via the Football Request Form.
How much does it cost?
$10 per vehicle.
How do I get to the Stadium?
Shuttle service to and from the stadium begins 3 hours prior to the game and operates until 10 minutes after kick-off. Shuttle service resumes service post-game as the crowd and traffic allows.

Bus Parking

Where can buses park?How much does it cost?
Is there a place the bus can pick-up/drop-off close to the Stadium?
Special arrangements must be made for drop-off locations other than Bowles Drive. Drop-off in other locations is discouraged due to resulting traffic delays with unloading the bus. Special consideration for bus drop-off can be submitted via the Football Request Form.


Can I tailgate in the campus parking lots?
Yes! Please view the UNC Tailgating policy for more information.

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