Update: 06/20/2017

Phase II of the Porthole Alley project has been extended until July 18, 2017. Overflow Parking will remain the same.

Pedestrian Map

Parking & Overflow Map

Update: 04/21/2017

Starting Monday morning April 24, 2017, the gated Porthole lot will be closed for construction. The small lot beside Ackland can be accessed from S. Columbia Street providing N2 parking along with the Utility lot.

Overflow parking for N2 permit holders will remain the same.

Pedestrian Map

Parking & Overflow Map

Update: 04/02/2017

Phase II of the Porthole Alley construction project has been delayed. Please refer to this post for further updates.

Parking & Overflow Map

Update: 03/27/2017

The Porthole Alley project will be in Phase II starting April 10 and continuing through Mid June. Despite the newly paved driveway, people needing to park in the Porthole Alley Lot should still access the available parking via Franklin Street. The newly paved parking area is currently only for ADA and service vehicles.

Overflow parking for N2 permit holders remains the same.

Pedestrian Map

Parking & Overflow Map

UNC Porthole Alley: Update Road Closure

Update: 02/20/2017

As part of the Porthole Alley project, the right lane travelling North on South Columbia Street will be closed to motorists Wednesday, February 22, 2017 through Friday, February 24, 2017 to construct a new driveway.

UNC Porthole Alley Pedestrian Route

Update: 11/18/2016

This project will also close the east-west pedestrian route running between the Top of the Hill Back Bar entrance and Ackland Art Museum Monday, November 21 through Friday, December 30. Pedestrians who frequently travel this route should use alternative walkways as reflected in this map.

November 7, 2016

Porthole Alley Construction MapIn support of the Porthole Alley and Ackland steamline tunnel construction projects, areas within the Porthole Lot (N2 Zone) will be blocked in phases (see map) in phases beginning Wednesday, November 9 through April, 2017. N2 permit holders parking in this area should heed signs in the lot indicating closed areas and those remaining open for parking.

As such, as one portion of the lot closes, another will re-open for parking so as not to impact the entire lot at once. If overcrowding occurs within the lot, N2 permits will be honored in the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center Lot (N2 Zone) off Franklin Street, in the Nash Lot (N7 Zone), and in the New Venable Lot (N11 Zone).

For further information, contact the UNC Department of Transportation & Parking during regular business hours at 919-962-3951.

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