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The Point-to-Point (P2P) Express campus shuttle will run during their normal hours (through 4 a.m.) on Halloween night. The route will be modified due to the closing of portions of Raleigh Street and Franklin Street as well as the closure of Skipper Bowles Drive to through traffic.

On Halloween ONLY (Monday, October 31, 2016), the P2P Express shuttles will run in the opposite direction (clockwise) than on all other nights. Also, rather than traveling on Rosemary and Franklin Streets, the route will travel east along Cameron Avenue before turning right onto Raleigh Street (see map below).

P2P Express will serve the following normal stops on the opposite side side of the roadway from the traditional stop:

  • Mason Farm Road at East Drive
  • All stops along Hibbard Drive

P2P Express will NOT serve the following normal stops:

  • Swain Hall
  • Stops along Franklin ot Rosemary Streets
  • Stops along Raleigh Street north of Cameron Avenue
  • Stops in Odum Village will be served separately by van shuttles
  • Stops along Skipper Bowles Drive (due to road closure)

P2P WILL stop at the following stops on Halloween night only:

  • Cameron Avenue across from the Old Well

Rules for Riding

Passengers who fail to observe the rules may be asked to exit the vehicle and possibly referred to UNC Public Safety and/or the Office of the Dean of Students.

  • Adhere to all driver requests.
  • Wait for riders to exit before boarding.
  • Do not board bus if it is already at capacity.
  • Check seat area for belongings before exiting.
  • No smoking, drinking, eating, yelling or using profanity.
  • Offer first row seats to patrons requiring accessible seating.
  • Do not participate in activities that distract the driver or are unsafe to other riders.

Report offensive or unruly behavior to the driver. Do not attempt to remove or manage an offensive passenger.