Employees and students affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or the UNC Healthcare System and who have mobility impairments that require transportation and parking accommodations must apply for services by printing off and completing the Disability Transportation and Parking Application available online or picked up in-person at the Public Safety Building on Manning Drive.

Transportation & Parking Application Process

  1. UNC affiliated employees / students must complete and submit the Disability Transportation & Parking Application to obtain a permit to park a vehicle on campus or receive a credential for P2P services for intra-campus travel.
  2. Applications must be completed and signed by a licensed physician (a physician unrelated to the applicant).
  3. Applications that are submitted for a permanent or semi-permanent assignment accommodation will be reviewed at a monthly meeting of the University Disability Advisory Committee (representatives from the following units: Campus Health Services; Employee Health Services, Office of Disability Services; and Parking Services).
  4. Applicants may be issued a temporary permit and/or P2P card to meet immediate needs until a full review of the application is completed. Applicants are responsible for all cost associated with parking on UNC Campus.
  5. Applicants will be notified after monthly meeting of assignments.
    • Permanent Assignment – These assignments will not require an annual review and are automatically renewable each year the applicant is affiliated with UNC. Applicants requesting permanent assignment must be registered with appropriate University or Healthcare System EO/ADA Office or Student Affairs – Department of Disability Services.
    • Annual Renewal – These assignments will require annual review to determine assignment based on changes in mobility. Updated information from treating physician will be required prior to renewal.
    • Temporary – These assignments are temporary because the stated need is less than six months. Temporary assignments are only valid for the duration of time provided by the physician and are not renewable unless additional information to extend it is provided by treating physician. These requests may not require review by Committee depending on the duration of the need. In most cases, these temporary assignments will be automatically assigned to the Bowles (S11) lot located on Manning Drive with Point to Point services to transport directly to the building or closest access point.
  6. Accommodations will include the use of campus disability spaces, campus transportation (Point-to-Point, the Local Transit, and UNC Hospital’s shuttle buses), and available public transportation (Chapel Hill Transit and GoTriangle); additional time may be required to get to work or school. Please Note: Mobility limitations cited on the physician’s orders cannot exceed those noted as limitations affecting daily activity or job functions. The limitations cannot exceed those on file in the appropriate University/Healthcare System disability services office. Persons with permanent disabilities must be registered with the appropriate University/Healthcare System office.

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