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Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking (ACT) 2020-2021
Representing Name Start of Term Duration
Chair Cheryl Stout
Director, Transportation & Parking
Student Affairs Allan Blattner
Executive Director for Carolina Housing
2021 2 Years
Athletics Clint Gwaltney
Senior Associate A.D. – Smith Center Operations/Event Management
2019 2 Years
Colleges, Schools, and Libraries Tom Thornburg
Sr. Associate Dean, School of Government
2019 2 Years
Employee Forum Shayna Hill
Business Officer, Department of Statistics and Operations Research
2018 2 Years
Faculty Council Jean Cook, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Education, School of Medicine 
2019 2 Years
Graduate Professional Student Federation Ryan Collins
2019 2 years
Molly Gaskin
2019 2 years
Eric Scheier
2020 2 years
Medical School Karlina Matthews
Associate Dean for Administration
2019 2 Years
Martha Modlin
Associate Director
2019 2 Years
College of Arts and Sciences Julia Lisuzzo
Senior Director of Accounting Services
2020 2 Years
Postdoctoral Affairs Sarah Little
Postdoctoral Fellow
2019 2 Years
Joyce Tan
Director, Postdoctoral Affairs
2020 2 Years
Student Government Undergraduate Rahi Patel
Transportation and Parking Cha’ssem Anderson
Associate Director, Transportation and Planning
Will Steen
Associate Director, Parking Services and Strategy
UNC Hospitals Mel Hurston
Sr. Vice President, Professional Services
2019 2 years