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Every five years, Transportation and Parking partners with campus representatives on the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking (ACT), Executive Sponsors Group and a consultant team to develop a new five-year plan that:

  • Engages with the University community through outreach efforts
  • Evaluates existing operations and technology and identify efficiencies and opportunities
  • Develops strategies to address University and UNC Health development and programmatic growth
  • Ensures that necessary revenue is in place to support the existing and near-term transportation system costs

The process for developing the 2023-2028 Five-Year Plan began in February 2023 and will conclude in May 2024. A detailed timeline is below. Additional details and information about this process will be added to this page as the plan is developed.

Five Year Plan 2023-2028 timeline graphic

Five-Year Plan Questions or Comments

Please complete the form below to submit any Five-Year Plan-related questions or comments to the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking.