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When will the new Transportation & Parking Five-Year Plan launch?
The Five-Year Plan began 2017-2018. The third year of the Plan phases in the weeknight parking program in fiscal year 2019-20. The Weeknight Parking Working Group was implemented in November 2017 to assist in developing policy and procedures that will shape the program. The work group will meet throughout the academic year.
Where can I find a copy of the 5-Year Plan Final Report?
View the Five Year Plan Final Report.
Why is a Weeknight Parking payment program being introduced as part of the Five-Year Plan?
For decades, daytime parking permit holders and visitors paying parking fees in decks or surface lots have subsidized overall transportation and parking services on campus. People who come to campus at night have parked for free. The Five-Year Plan phases in weeknight parking permit and visitor fees in fiscal year 2019-20 to fairly address the historic equity concerns that have been raised. We have two years to work out the details of implementation in a way that will provide reasonable access to the campus while also remaining true to the plan principle that all users should contribute to the transportation and parking system. Learn more about the Weeknight Parking program.
When will the Weeknight Parking program be launched?
The Five-Year Plan phases in weeknight parking permit and visitor fees in fiscal year 2019-20.
Is safety being considered as part of the Weeknight Parking program?
The University offers a long list of services that help enhance safety, including Point-to-Point (P2P) Express; LiveSafe, a new safety resource app launched in fall 2016 to provide discreet two-way communications with public safety officials and allow family and friends to virtually watch a user walk from one location to another; emergency phones and call boxes; a pedestrian-friendly lighted corridor through the center of campus; and SafeWalk, a Student Government initiative to increase nighttime safety for students, faculty and staff offering free walks Sunday through Thursday from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m. Learn more about these programs and other safety initiatives on campus at Carolina Ready.
What is the purpose of the Weeknight Parking Working Group?
The Weeknight Parking Working Group discusses implementation and hears feedback about the roll out of the program. The group will provide reports, presentations and recommendations to the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking and the Executive Sponsor Group to collect campus-wide perspective on the implementation.

The Five-Year Plan lays out the general structure of the Weeknight Parking Program, and the Transportation and Parking department works collaboratively with campus and town representatives to ensure community perspective is taken into consideration. The working group creates an opportunity for feedback and discussion on issues relative to the Weeknight Parking Program to evaluate all user group perspectives.

Who do I contact if I have concerns about Weeknight Parking?
Weeknight parking is being implemented as an equitable funding strategy for Transportation and Parking. You can find more information about which organizations are represented in the Working Group from ACT members contact.