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About the Plan

UNC-Chapel Hill developed a Bicycle Master Plan in 2014 with the goal of making cycling an integral part of UNC-Chapel Hill culture. UNC-Chapel Hill wants to create a safe place for everyone to ride – from potential riders to daily commuters. The plan was developed concurrently with the Town of Chapel Hill’s Bike Plan, so there is seamless cooperation to jointly implement both plans. The Town of Carrboro’s Bicycle Plan will also guide access improvements to UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus.

The Plan Vision

Bicycling is an integral part of University culture and how the community gets to, through and around campus.

The Plan Goals

  1. Increase safety for all campus users including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and drivers.
  2. Build a culture of bicycling among UNC-Chapel Hill students, staff and faculty.
  3. Use education and enforcement to improve bicycling and safety for all road and pathway users.
  4. Create well-known and connected north-south and east-west bicycle routes through campus.
  5. Fund bicycle improvements on campus.

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