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Limits: South Road/Raleigh Road to Raleigh Street
Country Club Road

Purpose of Improvements

This connection would improve east-west connectivity between UNC-CH, the Town and the NC-54 Corridor/Glen Lennox Apartment Community.

Existing Conditions

  • There is an approximate 36-foot curb to curb width.
  • There are approximately 12,000 vehicles on Country Club Road per day at a 25 mph speed limit.
  • No existing bicycle accommodations result in a high stress shared environment.
  • There is an 8-foot sidewalk on the west side.
  • There is a natural surface walking path on the east side.
  • There is a steady uphill grade from Cameron Avenue to Paul Green Theater Drive.
  • Country Club Road provides an alternative route between South Columbia Street/Downtown Chapel Hill and Raleigh Road allowing traffic to avoid South Road.
  • There are approximately 40 on-street parking spaces along the west side of the road.
  • This roadway is maintained by the Town.

Short-Term Recommendation

Short-Term Recommendation

Climbing Lane

Stripe a 6-foot wide southbound bicycle climbing lane by narrowing travel lanes to 10 or 11 feet. Place shared lane markings in the center of the northbound curb lane with BICYCLES MAY USE FULL LANE signs.

Primary Implementation Challenges: narrowing travel lanes, coordination with the Town

Probable Construction Cost: $52,920

Long-Term Recommendation Options

Further study will be required to select one of the following options.

Bicycle Lanes with Parking Removal

Long-Term Recommendation Option 1The removal of approximately 40 on-street parking spaces located on the west side would create space for bicycle lanes in both directions.

Primary Implementation Challenge: The removal of parking on the west side, grading and tree removal on the east side, with constraints at Forest Theater limiting sidewalk width

Probable Construction Cost: $62,680

Bicycle Lanes with Road Widening

As part of a roadway reconstruction project, widen roadway to the east replacing existing natural surface walkway with a six-foot sidewalk. This will require removal of some trees and grading. A brief section of constrained sidewalk will be required adjacent to Forest Theater. Implementation of this option will allow parking to remain.

Primary Implementation Challenges: Battle Park tree removal, slope into Battle Park

Probable Construction Cost: $1,596,040

Climbing Lane and Shared Use Path

Long-Term Recommendation Option 3Maintain climbing lane from short term option and construct new 14-foot shared-use path along the east curb maintaining existing east curb in place. The climbing lane will remain to provide eastbound bicyclists comfortable riding on the roadway a convenient and direct route to Raleigh Road.

Primary Implementation Challenges: Battle Park tree removal, slope into Battle Park

Probable Construction Cost: $550,840