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Limits: South Road to Paul Hardin Drive
Kenan Stadium West Path Connector

Purpose of Improvements

This connection will complete a missing link in the Kenan Stadium west side shared use path system through the central part of campus.

Existing Conditions

  • There is an emerging shared-use path system on the west side of Kenan Stadium between the Bell Tower Parking Deck and Bell Tower Drive.
  • There is an existing network of narrow footpaths (6 to 8 feet in width) between Morrison Hall and Taylor Campus Health through Kenan Woods. These paths are too narrow for high volumes of pedestrians and bicyclists to share comfortably, causing some people to bicycle through the DPS parking lot.
  • The paths end at a staircase adjacent to Taylor Campus Health, resulting in bicyclists riding on a gravel path around the existing stairs to get to Bell Tower Drive.
  • There is a recently completed path along the north side of Bell Tower Deck, which terminates near Bell Tower Road.
  • A large staircase hinders bicycle access between the Stone Center and the Bell Tower along the Kenan Stadium Perimeter walkway.
  • This pathway is maintained by UNC-CH.

Short-Term Recommendation

Shared Lane Markings and New Bicycle Ramp

Add shared lane markings through the DPS parking lot to identify an alternative route to Campus Health paths at the south side Kenan Stadium entrance. Construct a bicycle bypass ramp to the Bell Tower Deck access road. This route would ultimately connect to the Bell Tower Drive Bridge over South Road.

Primary Implementation Challenges: Routing bicyclists through a parking lot.

Probable Construction Cost: $13,860

Long-Term Recommendation

Shared Use Path

Once the Kenan Stadium promenade is completed around the stadium, direct bicyclists to the promenade connection to Bell Tower. Widen path through Kenan Woods to 10 to 14 feet wide or construct a new path on the north side of the Taylor Health Campus parking lot to connect to the new Kenan Stadium entrance and promenade.

Primary Implementation Challenges: Potential impacts to the sensitive natural resource area of Kenan Woods, steep slopes within Kenan Woods requiring retaining walls or grading

Probable Construction Cost: $115,340