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Limits: East Franklin Street to South Road
Raleigh Street

Purpose of Improvements

This connection would improve north-south connectivity along the east side of campus.

Existing Conditions

  • This road is approximately 31 feet wide, with frequent pedestrian crossings between South Road and Cameron Avenue.
  • North of Cameron Avenue, the street narrows to 30 feet with on street parking on the east side.
  • Approaching Franklin Street from the south, the street narrows to 20 feet to pass between retaining walls.
  • There are no bicycle accommodations.
  • Traffic frequently queues at northbound Franklin Street approach due to the lack of a left turn lane.
  • Bicyclists were observed to regularly ride on the sidewalks between Cameron Avenue and Franklin Street.
  • The roadway is maintained by the Town.

Short-Term Recommendation

Shared Lane Markings

Add shared lane markings in the center of the outside lanes with BICYCLES MAY USE FULL LANE signs.

Turn Restriction

Restrict northbound left turns at Franklin Street, allowing left turns to redirect to Cameron Avenue or Rosemary Street to improve traffic flow for northbound Raleigh Street at the Franklin Street intersection. Improvements to traffic flow may encourage more bicyclists to operate on the roadway versus on the adjacent narrow sidewalks.

Primary Implementation Challenges: Restriction of northbound left turns at Franklin Street will require traffic to turn left onto Rosemary Street.

Probable Construction Cost: $7,720

Long-Term Recommendation Options