Rachel P.

GoTriangle – 800, 805

I love being able to sit and read a book in the middle of rush hour, and let the bus driver worry about the traffic. It’s great for my own peace of mind.

Colleen B.


Riding to work has too many advantages to be narrowed down to just one: it lets me be outside, get some exercise, notice the world around me and the changing seasons, and save money on parking, gas, and vehicle wear and tear.

Go Triangle bus and pass logo

Joe F.

GoTriangle – 805

If everyone rode the bus, the Triangle would be a much better place.

Jennie G.

PART Route 4

Yes! The Route 4 is always on time, the other commuters and the drivers are nice and friendly (but also leave you alone if you want), and it’s just as fast as driving and parking in a lot. And it’s FREE! Saves you SO MUCH MONEY.

Danielle R.

GoTriangle – CRX

Nothing is better than beating the traffic by riding on the shoulder. The next best thing about commuting via the bus is the amount of money I save on gas! I estimate that my savings is about $250 a month. It is worth every penny!


GoTriangle – 805

I would recommend taking the bus because it’s a win win! You can be environmentally friendly while saving gas and car mileage.

Go Triangle bus and pass logo

Chad H.

GoTriangle – 800

I love the time to read on the bus – I’ve gotten through a ton of books I never would have otherwise.”

Kate C.


I enjoy cycling because it gives me exercise I may not otherwise be able to get. I enjoy the buses because they’re free and I don’t waste my own gas.


Ron B.

GoTriangle – 805

Each morning: a pleasant walk to a nearby bus stop, an enjoyable ride with enjoyable colleagues on the same shift, and a second pleasant walk to my building. Each afternoon: the same in reverse. No stress, no worries, enjoyable fellow passengers.

Go Triangle bus and pass logo


GoTriangle – 405

I love not paying to park! Saving 2 gallons of gas per day and over 200 miles of vehicle wear per week.This adds up to $2314/yr, plus free bus fare ($4 per day) saves me over $3400 annually! Add stress free commute… Priceless! THANKS CAP!

Cynthia C.

GoTriangle – 405, RSX

Riding the bus frees me from a great deal of stress. No parking worries. I get to read, relax, work. When I do occasionally drive from Durham to Chapel Hill, the trip is really no shorter by the time I park and walk to campus.

Go Triangle bus and pass logo


GoTriangle – CRX

I love riding the bus in the morning from Raleigh. I can have someone else do the hard work of getting to campus in the morning. All I have to do is sit back, sip my coffee, and read a book until it drops me right in the heart of campus.