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Ready to start off 2018 by saving money, the environment, and your sanity? Trying a more active commute is a good way to start!

Take the pledge so you can meet these goals in 2018:

  • Get More Exercise! Public transit users get more physical activity than those who drive alone, three times as much!
  • Save Money!  A commute to UNC from Raleigh costs over $2500 per year in operating costs alone. (You could be riding the bus for free with a GoPass!)
  • Live Your Best Life! If you want to get organized, use your time effectively, and de-stress, we suggest you get out of your car and into a better commute.

Want a free neck warmer and gloves? All you have to do is pledge by January 31 and stop by the Public Safety Building or Hospital Parking Office.

If you need personalized assistance with your commute, call GoTriangle at 919-485-7574.

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