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Choose sustainable transportation and kick gas!

Ride the Bus

Chapel Hill Transit is fare-free in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. GoTriangle, PART, and Chatham Transit can get you around the region for a small fare, or free with a GoPass (for eligible commuters). Park & Ride lots are available to make it easy to catch the bus.

Don’t know how to ride the bus? Check out GoTriangle’s upbeat rap video or online guide. Use the free TransLoc Rider app or website to track buses in real-time.

Hop on a Bike

UNC is recognized nationally as a Bicycle Friendly University. Register your bike with UNC and get 50% off a U-lock from Student Stores. Check out the “Bicycles” layer at to see covered bike racks, fix-it stations, and more!

No bike? No problem. Ride Tar Heel Bikes, free to anyone for an hour each day!


It’s cheaper than Uber! Rideshare is a term that means sharing a ride in a carpool or vanpool. Students and employees can find carpool matches using their Onyen with ShareTheRideNC.

If you need a car temporarily, try Zipcar! Rates start at $5.50/hour, age 18+.


South campus to north campus is about a 20 minute walk and a good way to get some exercise. Use to see all the buildings on campus. Watch out for the squirrels.

Traveling Long Distance

See long distance transportation options.


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