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Registration for the student 2019-20 Academic Year Parking Lottery begins on June 17, 2019 at midnight and will end on July 5, 2019 at 6 a.m.

  • Student parking assignment is a lottery process.
  • The lottery registration period ends July 5 at 6 a.m.
  • There is a limit of one lottery entry per student.

Students will receive notification on July 10 as to whether or not they received a permit in the lottery. Payment for any permit received is due by July 20. First-Year Students are NOT eligible for parking. Permit eligibility is verified in the Fall Semester. Students who register for a permit with an incorrect class or residence status will be asked to return their permit to Transportation & Parking.

It is important to remember: The only way to properly receive a UNC-Chapel Hill permit is directly from Transportation & Parking. Parking permits and Park and Ride passes are not for transfer, duplication, or gift. Permits and Park & Ride passes are not legally registered unless they are purchased from Transportation & Parking. Unauthorized use of a UNC-Chapel Hill permit is subject to a $200.00+ fine, towing (and associated fees), and actions taken by the Student Attorney General’s office. S11 (commuter) and RR (resident) permits are available for purchase by any eligible student beginning in July.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you receive a permit, on July 10, an automated notice will be sent from the parking system to the number one priority email address in your parking account, which you may view from the Parking & Transportation Online Services.

  • Full Payment is due by end of day July 20.
  • Payment with credit card is to be made online using the link above to access your parking account.
  • You must select the same class / resident or commuter status when going through the payment process. (ie, Graduate Commuter, Junior Resident, 3rd Year Law, etc…).
  • If you receive a permit from the lottery, but do not pay within the time allowed for payment (July 20, no exceptions), you forfeit your right to the permit to another student on the waiting list.
  • If you do receive a permit, do not have it mailed to a campus dormitory address.  Campus mail does not resume until August 22 and any permits mailed to campus dormitories will be returned to the permit vendor.  You will not receive a permit if you have it sent to a campus dormitory address.

The Department of Transportation & Parking determines the initial number of spaces available for students in various lots on campus. Those numbers are then turned over to the Student Government Association (SGA) to determine distribution among the students. SGA decides which lots will be offered to commuters, residents, or both and then distributes the permits among the classes. SGA also reserves a small percentage of the student parking allocation for hardship parking needs.

Class status plays a large part in the distribution policy. Based on percentages, graduate students receive the largest share of parking, then senior, junior, and sophomore.

The Student Government Association (SGA) reserves a small percentage of the student parking allocation to meet hardship parking needs. If you do not receive a parking permit through the lottery registration process, you can complete a Student Hardship Application and submit it to the SGA’s Parking and Transportation committee. The application requests specific documentation to substantiate parking needs and must be completed and submitted by the preset deadlines. The application will be reviewed in accordance with guidelines established by SGA.

Use sound judgment when you choose a lot. Look at the allocation for your class and make your choice based on the number of spaces allocated for the “ideal” parking permit. Then think about how many other people in your class are requesting the same permit. For instance, if you will be a resident on campus and your allocation has very few permits in the lot around your dorm, you could be better off requesting a less favorable zone with more available spaces. Unfortunately, lottery registration statistics are not available for you to refer, so think your choices through. You get one choice in the lottery. S11 (commuter lot) and RR (resident lot) are not available as lottery selections this year. If you are a commuter you can purchase a S11 permit starting July 10 on a first come, first serve basis through the Transportation and Parking website. If you are a resident you can purchase a RR permit starting July 10 on a first come, first serve basis through the Transportation and Parking website.

Historically, there are no permits available to students when the fall term begins. All of the permits will be issued through the lottery registration process. We suggest that you do not bring your car to campus if you live on campus and do not have a campus parking permit (unless you have made other concrete arrangements for your car’s storage).

No, all students are eligible to ride fare free on Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) buses. CHT offers year round service to most of Chapel Hill and is a viable means for transportation around campus and town. On weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm, the University Shuttle (U-Bus) and Reverse U-Bus offer free service to prominent campus locations. The Department also provides a Point-to-Point (P2P) after dark seven days a week.

Exceptions are only made with the authorization of the Office of Student Affairs. Exceptions to the “no First-Year Student parking rule” may be based on family, medical, or employment hardships that warrant special consideration. Documentation of such circumstances must accompany any request. Use of alternate means of public and private transportation must be exhausted before any considerations are given to providing a First-Year Students with a parking permit. Parking assignments are restricted to the RR lots (off-campus/remote parking lots that are accessible by public transportation) unless the hardship warrants an on campus permit. Only reasonable requests will be considered.

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