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Best Workplaces for Commuters 2021UNC-Chapel Hill was named one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters by the National Center for Transit Research, making it more than 15 years the University has received this designation. Carolina was one of 42 colleges and universities across the nation and one of three in North Carolina to receive recognition for its Commuter Alternative Program (CAP).

According to the 2019 Commuter Survey, 30% of employees and 73% of students travel to campus by using transit, biking, walking or ride-share options. The Best Workplaces for Commuters program supports organizations who promote and provide other modes of transportation besides driving alone.

“Transportation and Parking takes a lot of pride in UNC-Chapel Hill being designated as a Best Workplace for Commuters. We are committed to offering and encouraging services and programs to enhance transit, biking and walking commuting opportunities for the University community.” said Cheryl Stout, director of Transportation and Parking. “I’m happy that UNC-Chapel Hill continues to maintain the BWC designation.”

Learn more about healthy and sustainable transportation options provided by CAP.

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