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Summer school parking registration for students begins Monday, Apr. 12 on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may register through Transportation and Parking Online Services. When registering through online services, students should choose their summer status from the menu options (select status with “Summer” prefix).

To register for a parking permit, students are required to provide:

  • Provide license plate
  • Proof of liability Insurance
  • Payment in full (including any outstanding account balances)
  • Valid summer address

Student parking permits are virtual, eliminating the need for physical hangtags. Instead, parking access is assigned and verified through license plate recognition (LPR). The license plate must be visible from the travel lane of the parking space.

Student citation balances must be cleared prior to registering and purchasing a permit. If a student needs a parking permit for only part of the Summer Session, the student must cancel the permit for a prorated refund.

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