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Student representatives have updated the schedule for hardship parking applications and notifications.

  • First Round Application Schedule:
    • Hardship Assignment Email Notification: August 4 (now August 6)
    • Payment Due: August 4-8 (now August 6-10)
  • Second Round Application Schedule:
    • Submission Deadline: August 4 (now August 9)
    • Hardship Assignment Email Notification: August 11 (now August 13)
    • Payment Due: August 11-15 (now August 13-16)
  • Appeal Due by August 15 (now August 17)
    • Hardship Appeal Assignment Email Notification: August 16-17 (now August 20)
    • Payment Due: August 16-22 (now August 20-23)

Hardship parking provides a process for students with extenuating circumstances and transportation demands that cannot be met through student lottery registration and available commuting options. Limited hardship parking permits are available to qualifying students. Applicants are not guaranteed a parking permit.

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