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Transportation and Parking Accommodations Committee

The Transportation and Parking Accommodations Committee (TPAC) reviews applications for mobility and student non-mobility accommodations and provides reasonable transportation solutions based on mobility limitations or commuting medical access needs.

TPAC relies on the Mobility Accommodation applicant’s Health Care Professional Statement regarding mobility limitations to provide reasonable accommodations based on available transportation resources for University and UNC Hospital employees (including contract) and students.

TPAC relies on the Student Hardship Medical Non-Mobility Accommodation applicant’s supporting documents (i.e. class schedule, work schedule, health care professional statement) to verify medical non-mobility need for a transportation accommodation that cannot be met through normal parking registration processes or public transportation options.

Transportation and Parking is an essential part of UNC-Chapel Hill and is responsible for coordinating all traffic, parking, and transportation around the University’s campus.

Knowledge Acquisition – Participate in meetings and gain an understanding of access needs and available accommodations on campus, which include parking, ride share, and local and regional transit.

Review Applications – Regularly participate on the committee to review applications and recommend reasonable accommodations for campus access.

Documentation and Committee Support – Transportation & Parking will provide data and other relevant information related to the transportation system to support committee work. Pertinent information from meetings and approved accommodation assignments will be communicated to applicants and relevant University representatives. Transportation and Parking maintains administrative responsibilities for process management and customer communication.

The Committee, not to exceed eight members including the Chair, will consist of representatives appointed by the leadership of each representative group. The Committee is chaired by the Associate Director for Parking and Strategy (ex officio). Appointed members may assign a back-up representative to attend meetings when absent.

Committee representatives are appointed from the following groups:

  • Accessibility Resources & Services
  • Campus Health Services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office
  • UNC Hospitals

The Committee may work year-round but may organize meeting and work schedule as deemed appropriate.

The Committee will conduct a self-evaluation of its work annually and recommend changes that will make the Committee’s deliberations more effective. Accommodation assignments are based on identified mobility limitations provided in the Health Care Professional Statement and available transportation accommodations.

TPAC Members
Department / Office Position Member
Transportation and Parking Associate Director for Parking and Strategy Wil Steen
Accessibility Resource Services Coordinator Scarlett Jordan
Campus Health Services Clinical and Administrative Lead Physician Thevy Chai, M.D.
Counseling and Psychological Services Associate Director for Clinical Services Melissa Saunders
Dean of Students Assistant Dean of Students, Student Care & Support Ali Ramirez
Equal Opportunity and Compliance Director, EOC Tiffany Bailey
UNC Hospitals Parking Manager Jeff Watson
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