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Construction Contractors

Contractors and subcontractors working on campus should communicate directly with the Facilities Services Project Manager regarding project staging and parking access. Project Managers will communicate directly with Transportation and Parking regarding the project needs. Parking, staging areas and storage needs are normally coordinated through project and construction managers for all campus construction. Transportation & Parking assigns and approves all campus construction parking access needs.

Construction contractors and their employees are not typically eligible for Vendor Permits. Parking is limited on UNC’s campus, so construction contractors and vendors are encouraged to use transit services. Personal vehicles may be parked at the Town of Chapel Hill Park & Ride lots, served by free Chapel Hill Transit. GoTriangle also offers free regional Park & Ride lots with routes serving UNC-Chapel Hill. Bus passes may be purchased online.


Companies providing services to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus whose employees are not affiliated as a student, temporary or permanent employee and who do not have permanent work sites on campus are eligible for vendor permits. Companies that have a contractual relationship with the University to deliver goods or services may apply for a vendor service permit. Approved Vendors may also purchase temporary (daily/weekly) permits from Transportation and Parking that are valid in service spaces located throughout campus. Faculty, staff and students are not eligible to display or purchase Vendor Service Permits.

Large delivery vehicles prominently displaying the vendor’s name or logo, performing routine deliveries and pick-ups from University buildings, and requiring less than 15 minutes are exempt from any permit requirement.