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Parking Coordinators liaison with department employees and Transportation and Parking throughout the year to renew, assign and cancel parking based on the criteria established by the individual unit to manage parking resources. Additionally, parking coordinators are the primary contact to provide guidance and relay information to units about transportation.

Departments receive parking permits based on the allocation formula. Each department is responsible for developing and publicizing criteria for parking distribution.


Transportation and Parking (T&P) is receipt-based with authority for establishing pricing and policy per Part 6, Chapter 116-44.3–5 of NC General Statutes.

T&P works with the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT), which includes broad-based campus representation, to develop a 5-Year Plan that includes programmatic and financial strategies that support UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC Health transportation and parking needs. The current 5-Year Plan spans 2017-18 to 2021-22, and the planning process for the 2023-24 to 2027-28 is underway. No fee changes are recommended for 2023-2024.

The Board of Trustees must approve any changes made to the Ordinance. The requested changes below represent minor housekeeping and regulatory updates:

Miscellaneous item(s):

  • Date changes
  • Minor language updates

Article 3. Parking Section 3-4.2 Parking Fees — Flex Parking Fees

  • Include the ability to revoke flex parking if an employee does not follow the criteria of parking 3 or less days per week.
  • Update permit year for pricing scale — no changes to fees

Section 3-14.2 Reserved Parking — University Employees, Students, and Affiliates Disability Parking

Incorporate affiliates because not all campus community members requiring an accommodation fall under student or employee categories

Article 4. Parking Permits Section 4.1 Parking Permits

  • Limit student license plate registrations to (2) plate numbers
  • Limit employee license plate registrations to (4) plate numbers

Ongoing Construction Projects

Ongoing construction project occurring across campus are updated at

  • Employees with park and ride permits for FY23 will automatically renew for FY24 beginning Aug. 1
  • Commuters registering for PART bus passes will receive them by mail. Please allow five to seven business days for delivery. PART riders may select the Mobile Phone App to quickly receive the bus pass.
  • GoTriangle will continue to be fare-free until June 2024.
  • Registration for the Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) opens July 24.
See local and regional transit providers’ websites for updates related to service changes.

Local Transit

Regional Transit

Alerts and updates for regional transit operations can be found at: