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  • “Motorcycle / Moped” definition for speed versus engine size.
  • Text revised to reflect November 2021 Resolution to include and clarify the Chancellor’s temporary authority to suspend enforcement of parking regulations to allow for the benefit of visitors, students, and employees. If suspension exceeds 10 business days, the Chancellor will notify the Board.
  • Electric vehicles restricted to charging at designated EV charging stations.
  • Skateboards impounded deemed University property after 30 days (versus 60 days) to coincide with timeline for bicycles

Ongoing Construction Projects

Upcoming Construction Projects

Check back for more information on:

  • SOB expansion
  • Kenan Football Center
  • Women’s Basketball Practice Court – Wollen Gym
  • Carrington Hall
  • Registration for the Commuter Alternative Program opens for employees July 18.
  • Commuters registering for PART bus passes will receive them by mail. Please allow five to seven business days for delivery. PART riders may select the Mobile Phone App to quickly receive the bus pass.
  • GoTriangle will continue to be fare free until June 2023.

See local and regional transit providers’ websites for updates related to service changes.

Local Transit

Regional Transit

Alerts and updates for regional transit operations can be found at: