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Please refer to the Transportation and Parking Spring 2021 page for the current status of transit/parking availability and operations.
Transportation and Parking has worked with the campus community to understand developing impacts to campus commuting for fall 2020. Efforts have included collaboration with campus representatives from the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT) and others within the community to understand and support changes to commuter populations, including teleworking and hybrid learning schedules, and to mitigate impacts related to transit capacity reductions associated with social distancing.

  • Virtual permitting requires license plate registration to associate permit with vehicle:
    • Register license plate in Online Services
    • Valid front license plate or no back-in/pull-through parking
    • Multiple plates may be registered; Only one vehicle on campus at a time associated with the permit

Registration for the Commuter Alternative Program opens for employees July 20. Park-and-Ride permits are virtual; no physical permit/hang tag required for display in vehicle. Employees are required to register license plate to associate permit with vehicle. Commuters registering for GoTriangle, Chatham Transit, or PART passes will receive them by mail. Please allow five to seven business days for delivery.

Transit Service Changes

Local and regional transit providers (see agency websites for details) have implemented various safety measures for fall.

Local and regional transit providers (see agency websites for details) have implemented various measures:

  • Mask requirement (posted in vehicles)
  • Mask and hand sanitizer available in vehicle
  • Limit passengers based on vehicle size
  • Separate driver and passenger(s)
  • Rear-door boarding where possible
  • Mark seating (6-feet)
  • Route consolidation with additional buses
  • Increased sanitation of vehicles

Local Transit

Regional Transit

Alerts and updates for regional transit operations can be found at:


  • Tar Heel Bike operations resume normal operations with extended cleaning measures on Monday, August 3