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Transportation and Parking relies on department parking coordinators to serve as liaisons between Transportation and Parking and the department employees. Transportation and Parking routinely sends communications through department coordinators to share pertinent information related to transportation and parking to department employees.


Changes to employee permit assignments may be made throughout the year. Department coordinators are required to submit a request to add or cancel assignments that impact the department parking allocation. Parking coordinators are also responsible for requesting and cancelling department permits such as service, state vehicle, or official visitor permits, and are the main contact for the department related to employee parking assignments.

Changes to employee parking assignments after the registration period require submission of a Parking Coordinator Form for Employees, found in Online Forms under Parking Coordinator Login. A permit cannot be issued if an employee does not register a valid license plate through Online Services. Permits are virtual and require individual customer to register valid license plate(s).

Fall 2020 semester waitlist permits will automatically renew for spring 2021. To cancel the automatic renewal, employees must complete the cancellation form. Employees may cancel permits at any time for a prorated refund.

Transportation and Parking will release waitlist parking assignments for fall semester based on existing campus capacity. Waitlist releases are temporary assignments based on availability.

Department coordinators submit requests for employees waitlist choice through the Employee Waitlist Request Form, available through the Parking Coordinator Login online forms. Employees may check waitlist status through Online Services.

  • Permanent employees receive priority on the waitlist based on the total state service date through Oct. 31 of the academic year. Beginning Nov. 1, date of request determines the waitlist position for permanent and temporary employees
  • Temporary and contract employees are placed on a waitlist after permanent employees based on the date of request. Parking Coordinators are responsible for adding employees to the waitlist by submitting requests
  • UNC Hospitals employees may sign up for the hospital waitlist. For additional questions, please contact the Hospital Parking and Transportation office at 984-974-1031
  • Permits released via the Waitlist are not part of the department allocation and are not automatically renewed the following permit year
  • Employee waitlist permits are released the third Friday of the following months: September, October, November, March, April and May of each year

To cancel or request additional department permits such as Service or State Vehicle permits, complete and submit the “Service and State Vehicle Change Form” accessed through the Parking Coordinator log in.

Other registration procedures may be completed by individual employees and do not require the department parking coordinator. Registration forms available online for individuals to complete.

Accessing Current Permit Assignments

Use your ONYEN username and password to log into the Parking Coordinator website

Edit/Change Permit Assignments

Open the link to “2020-2021 Employee Parking Registration”

Once the Employee Parking Registration page opens, you will be able to edit/change your department employee’s parking assignments

  • 2019-2020 permit assignments are pre-populated
  • Employees receiving the same permit assignment as last year require no action
  • A blank permit assignment record (no name appears) is an available permit allocation
  • If allocations have been reduced in an area, you may have to reassign the employees in that zone

To edit the employee parking assignment record, select the “pencil” icon on the right; you can edit:

  • Assign Permit to Employee (yes or no)
  • PID (or use the campus directory button)
  • Name (auto-populates based on PID or directory selection)
  • Payment Method (payroll deduction or other)
  • Employee is Primarily a teleworker (yes or no)
  • Select “Finish” to save

To delete the employee parking assignment record:

  • Select the “pencil” icon to edit the employee record (the “X” icon does not delete the assignment record; it only removes changes you have made to the record)
  • Where it indicates “assign this permit,” select “No”
  • “Finish” the record edit to delete the employee permit assignment

Pre-populated (Prepop) Permit Assignments

Permits issued to individuals for special designations, such as reserved, all gated, dual zone, or disability, can be found under the “Prepop Permits” section of the 2020-2021 Employee Parking Registration page. Pre-populated permits can only be deleted; permits cannot be reassigned in the registration process. Coordinators may make changes to department pre-populated permits beginning Jul. 22.

Postdoc Permit Assignments

An allocation of 50 Craige Deck (CD) and 60 Bowles Drive (S11) permits available to accommodate postdoctoral fellows that may not receive a permit through department allocations. Coordinators who do not have adequate parking may request a Craig Deck or S11 for assignment utilizing the postdoc parking request form on the Parking Coordinator website.

Teleworking Employees

For 2020-2021, indicate if a department employee is teleworking; teleworking is defined for the purpose of parking as a permanent schedule where an employee reports to an on-campus work location three days or less per week. If an employee’s permanent schedule changes after initial registration, the parking coordinator should contact Transportation and Parking to change status.

  • Parking coordinator is responsible for verifying teleworking status of employee
  • Edit the employee parking assignment record
  • Select yes or no for “Employee is Primarily a teleworker” based on the employee’s schedule
  • Click “Finish” to save or “Cancel” to start over
  • You can view your department’s service permits from the main parking coordinator page
  • Department Permits such as Service permits and State Vehicle permits will automatically be renewed and billed through UNC Customer Billing Management (CBM)
  • Department Reserved Parking Spaces will be automatically renewed and billed through CBM
  • To cancel or request additional department permits, complete and submit the “Service and State Vehicle Change Form” accessed through the Parking Coordinator log in

Spring 2021

  • Fall waitlist cleared: Dec. 11
  • Spring waitlist opens: Dec. 14

Reduced Pricing for Commuters

In an effort to accommodate changing work and class schedules, a pricing strategy was developed to provide a reduction in cost to those who may have reduced or adjusted on-campus presence for 2020-2021. 

Employees who report to campus 3 days or less are eligible for a reduced permit cost for 2020-2021. Department parking coordinators are required to verify an employee’s schedule meets the criteria for a reduced cost. If an employee’s schedule reverts to more than 3 days reporting to campus, the full permit cost is applicable. 

All commuter students, regardless of schedule, who receive a permit through the student parking registration processes will receive a semester permit at the commuter semester permit cost in consideration of adjusted on-campus schedules.

Measures to provide customer service approaches that incorporate community standards and limit requirements for in-person office visits include:

Before coming into the Transportation and Parking office, please see online options or contact a customer service representative:

I am a parking coordinator, where can I find information on how to complete Annual Employee Registration?
Information on how to complete annual employee registration may be found on the Coordinator Registration Login page. Including how to login to the site and step-by-step directions for editing parking assignments.
What is a virtual permit and how does it work?
A virtual permit means that no physical permit/hang tag is required. Instead, your license plate is registered in the system and serves as your credential. License plate recognition (LPR) technology scans your plate to verify that you are credentialed to park in the lot. Individual permit holders are responsible for registering license plate(s) in Online Services. Vehicles must park with license plate visible from the travel lane of the space.
If the department does not assign parking allocations for fall 2020 due to remote working, will the allocation be affected for the spring semester or future years?
The department’s allocation will remain unchanged based on fall 2020 assignments.
If an employee is working remotely for the fall and plans to return in January, do I need to assign a permit now?
No. You can assign the permit in January so long as it remains in the department’s allocation. The employee is only required to pay for the period of time the permit is issued and parking cost is pro-rated.
How do I add or change a parking assignment for spring 2021?
Parking coordinators use the the change form to add or change parking assignments.
How much is an annual parking permit for 2020-2021?
The recommended strategy related to a reduced teleworking price is under consideration. Any updates related to teleworking pricing reduction strategy for fall 2020-2021 will be provided following formal approval.
What if the employee is unsure of the work schedule?
Parking coordinators are encouraged to make assignments based on existing understanding of schedules. Parking coordinators may re-assign department allocations during change week. Employees may cancel a permit at any time for a prorated refund.
I am a parking coordinator, where can I find my department permits including service and state vehicle permits?
Department Permits such as Service permits and State Vehicle permits will automatically be renewed and billed through UNC Customer Billing Management (CBM). To cancel or request additional department permits, complete and submit the form on the Parking Coordinator website.