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Carpools are made up of people who have similar work/class schedules and travel similar routes. Riders choose the meeting location, days, and times they want to carpool. Some carpoolers take turns driving their personal vehicles, while others use just one car and contribute to the driver’s commute costs. Carpools are flexible as commuters can choose to only carpool on certain days.

ShareTheRideNC is a free, secure ride-matching service sponsored by UNC and GoTriangle. This website helps commuters find carpool partners to share the cost of driving. UNC employees and students may choose to only match to UNC affiliates or to match to others across North Carolina. Select the appropriate login button below.

Employees may use ShareTheRideNC to register for the regional Emergency Ride Home program and the GoPerks trip-tracker. Simply use the commute calendar to track trips by bus, bike, ridesharing, and walking to earn points for prize drawings.