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Park-and-Ride lots provide easy access to buses! Local Park-and-Ride lots are served by Chapel Hill Transit and require a parking permit. Regional Park-and-Ride lots do not require a permit and are served by regional transit systems including GoTriangle and PART. All buses provide direct service to UNC-Chapel Hill main campus.

Local Park-and-Rides are served by fare-free Chapel Hill Transit buses. Use the Google map to find Park-and-Ride locations and links to bus routes. A parking permit is required:

Park-and-Ride permits for UNC-Chapel Hill lots are virtual. University permits must be printed when parking in Town of Chapel Hill lots (Eubanks Road, Jones Ferry, and Southern Village lots).

The University permits above are valid in all lots; Town permits are only valid in Town lots. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. University Park-and-Ride lots may only be used for commuting to campus and are not intended for vehicle storage or to access nearby buildings.

Regional Park-and-Rides are served by GoTriangle and PART Express. These lots are located in nearby cities and are free to park. University employees and students may register for CAP to obtain a free bus pass!

Use the Google map to find Park-and-Ride locations and links to bus routes. Click the icons on the map to read more details about each lot, as some require permits to be displayed in the vehicle. Some of the regional lots are shared with businesses, so be sure to park in the designated areas outlined in the map.