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Why Rideshare?

People rideshare to save money by splitting the cost of driving. Rideshare is a term that simply means sharing a ride in a carpool or vanpool. A carpool is 2 or more people who travel together in a personal vehicle while a vanpool is a group of 7-15 people who travel together in a van owned by an agency.


Carpools are made up of people who have similar work/class schedules and travel similar routes. Riders choose the time, meeting location and days they want to carpool. Some carpoolers take turns driving their personal vehicles, while others use just one car and contribute to the driver’s commute costs. Carpools are more flexible than vanpools as commuters can choose to only carpool on certain days.


Vanpools travel to UNC at a specific time from a designated meeting location, Monday through Friday. Riders pay a monthly fare, which covers gas, maintenance, insurance and parking. Vans are leased through GoTriangle and the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART). Fares vary based on the size of the van (7, 12 and 15-passenger), number of riders and distance traveled. Though less flexible than carpools, vanpoolers save more money on average since the costs are split between more people.

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