The Weeknight Parking Program Working Group held its initial meeting in November to discuss implementation and hear concerns about the roll out of the program. The group will provide reports, presentations and recommendations to the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking to assist in implementing the Weeknight Parking Program.

The Five-Year Plan lays out the general structure of the Weeknight Parking Program, and the Transportation and Parking department works collaboratively with campus and town representatives to ensure community concerns are taken into consideration. The working group creates an opportunity for feedback and discussion on issues relative to the Weeknight Parking Program to evaluate all user group perspectives.

“We are a receipt-supported department, and we strive to work collaboratively with members of campus to find solutions to parking concerns,” said Cheryl Stout, director of transportation and parking. “This working group allows us to see the impact of the Five-Year Plan on different aspects of campus life. We know that there are performing arts, athletic and academic events which may be impacted, and we want to make sure each area has representation to be heard.”

Starting August 2019, fees will be charged on campus Monday through Friday nights, between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. The Weeknight Parking Program was recommended during the five-year planning process to address stakeholder feedback and concerns about equity. Daytime permit holders, visitors and patients have historically supported the overall cost of the entire parking system and a portion of the transit cost.

The Weeknight Parking Program webpage will be kept up-to-date as additional details become available.

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