General Information

The Parking Accommodations Committee reviews applications and works through the interactive process to provide transportation and parking access for employees and students who have disabilities or health conditions that require accommodation. A treating health care professional must complete the Health Care Professional Information section, and the Committee will use that information, along with other information on this application, to help accommodate transportation and parking needs.

Accommodations may include the use of campus disability spaces, campus transportation (Point to Point (P2P), local transit, and UNC Hospital shuttle buses), and available public transportation (Chapel Hill Transit and GoTriangle). Applicants are responsible for the cost of permit, if a permit is issued.

The Parking Accommodations Committee convenes monthly or as needed to review new applications. In the interim, applicants may be assigned temporary accommodations until a final decision can be issued. Temporary and permanent accommodations may differ. Generally, applicants will be informed of Committee decisions within 5 business days.

If you have a disability placard issued by the State of North Carolina, you may provide the documentation used to support that application as part of this application; however, please note that the University provides an array of accommodations much broader than parking spaces and accommodates a wider range of disabilities than those covered by the state’s disability parking system.

This application may be shared with the appropriate office (Healthcare System or University Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office or Student Affairs – Office of Accessibility Resources & Service) for purposes of compliance with the University’s or Health Care System’s federal reporting obligations regarding its service to and employment of individuals with disabilities. The receiving office and this one will maintain your application and any related records as confidential and will share information only as necessary to coordinate and provide accommodations or for required reporting purposes.

Applicants are NOT guaranteed a parking permit. Please direct questions to the Transportation & Parking Parking Accommodations Committee.

The Parking Accommodations Committee reviews applications for student medical non-mobility requests. A limited student parking allocation is set aside to accommodate students with medical non-mobility issues. Students who have medical non-mobility circumstances that require transportation or parking modifications on a temporary or annual basis should complete the form by the term deadline.

Students applying for transportation and parking services should return the completed application to the Transportation & Parking office, located at 285 Manning Drive. Students who require parking accommodations for a disability or medical condition should complete the Medical Mobility Application.

Before applying for Medical Non-Mobility Hardship, students are responsible for:

  • annually applying for a parking permit through the lottery process before applying through this process.
  • exploring all available parking and transit options prior to applying for a permit related to a hardship accommodation (local transit, regional transit, carpooling, biking, or walking).
  • providing evidence of qualifying circumstances at time of application.

Accommodations include:

  • campus parking spaces,
  • campus transportation (Point to Point, local transit, and UNC Hospital shuttle buses),
  • available public transportation (Chapel Hill Transit and GoTriangle).

The Parking Accommodations Committee will review new applications for each term after the deadline. In the interim, applicants may be assigned temporary accommodations by Parking Registration Services in consultation with Accessibility Resources & Services until a decision can be issued. Interim, temporary, and annual accommodations may differ. Applicants will be notified by Transportation & Parking of decisions 10 – 15 business days after the deadline.

Please do not submit any medical documentation.


An appeals process may be available if a student receives a negative decision regarding the medical non-mobility hardship parking application. The applicant will be asked to attend an interview with the Parking Accommodation Committee and provide a thorough rationalization for the necessity of a modification based on presented information. The applicant must provide new evidence.

Acceptable grounds for appeal include:

  • Previously unavailable information to be considered;
  • Permit assignment does not meet transportation & parking needs;
  • Inability to receive a permit would preclude ability to meet medical needs.

The Committee expects additional or more detailed information beyond the original hardship parking application for the appeal. If the applicant is appealing to request an assignment change or did not receive a permit, the applicant should provide documentation and information in the appeals application. Applicants should come prepared during the interview to support the case providing additional information/documents beyond the first submission.

An applicant must request an appeal within 5 business days of being notified of the hardship decision.

Applicants are NOT guaranteed a parking permit. Please direct questions to the Transportation & Parking Parking Accommodations Committee.