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All motorized two-wheeled vehicles including motorcycles, mopeds, motorbikes, and scooters are required to register for a permit to park in designated areas on campus. To operate and park on campus, vehicles must be registered with the NC DMV and display a UNC-Chapel Hill Motorcycle/Scooter permit. First-year students are ineligible for any campus parking permit unless authorized through the Student Hardship process.

Safety Regulations

Parking or operating a scooter in violation of the Ordinance Regulating Traffic and Parking may result in the vehicle being cited and/or impounded.

UNC Police provides a safety training class and rules for riding specifically geared for scooter owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring when purchasing a UNC-Chapel Hill Motorcycle/Scooter permit?
Where can I drive my motorcycle/scooter?
Motorized two-wheeled vehicles may only operate on public roads. Sidewalks and brick paths are reserved solely for those walking or riding a bicycle.
Where can I park my motorcycle/scooter?
A UNC-Chapel Hill Motorcycle/Scooter permit allows you to park in any “MC” motorcycle parking zones located throughout campus. Parking in bicycle racks, or on the landscape or sidewalks, is prohibited.
Can I have a car permit and a UNC-Chapel Hill motorcycle/scooter permit?
Registering both a car and a motorcycle/scooter requires that all license plate numbers be registered to the same owner. Dual permit holders pay the full price for the car permit and a reduced price for the motorcycle permit (excluding the student RR zone). See pricing information.