University employees should contact the Department Parking Coordinator to request a parking permit. UNC Hospitals’ employees should contact the Hospital Parking Office at 984-974-1031. University employees may utilize the Move Online Account at Online Services with a PID or Onyen login.


Permanent or temporary employment status, zone, and designation determine Employee permit prices, along with a sliding scale relative to salary. T&P updates pro-rated permit pricing weekly. Weekly pricing is calculated for Monday-Friday. Both daily and weekly pricing has a set fee structure implemented at the beginning of each new permit year.

  • Only permanent UNC and UNC Health Care employees are eligible for payroll deduction. Temporary employees are not eligible for payroll deduction. Permanent employee’s payroll deductions are pre-tax unless the employee elects otherwise during permit registration. Contract departments must purchase parking allocation prior to beginning of permit year.
  • Contract Departments must purchase the department’s permit allocation prior to the beginning of the permit year, or the contract employee is responsible for payment at time of issuance.

Parking Zones

The Parking Zone Map (printable map) shows zone designations for lots. Permit designations also account for specific permits that allow special access that include mornings/afternoons only, reserved, or access to all lots. The permit types have specific requirements for issuance and require special approval. Generally, employee-parking permits are valid in the designated zone, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Reserved Event Parking may occur after regular business hours, and permits are normally not valid during these times.

Accessibility Accommodations

Employees with mobility impairments that require transportation and parking accommodations may apply for services by completing the Medical Mobility Accommodation Application (available electronically online or hard copy at the Public Safety Building on Manning Drive). Accommodations include the use of campus disability spaces, campus transportation (Point-to-Point, Local Transit, and UNC Hospital’s shuttle buses), and available public transportation (Chapel Hill Transit and GoTriangle); additional travel time may be required to arrive at work. For more information, For more information visit the Accessibility Parking page.

Departmental Allocations

The UNC Parking Allocation Formula allots parking resources to determine how to distribute parking permits equitably among over two hundred separate departments. The allocation system does not determine who will get permits, only how many permits each department has available.

Departments assign a Parking Coordinator who assist employees in the department with parking and commuting options. Individual departmental processes and criteria for permit issues is the responsibility of each department according to needs and operations. The Departmental Parking Policies provide specific information for each departments’ parking assignment guidelines. All departments with campus parking allocations must post/update the department allocation policy on the Transportation & Parking website.

Short Term & Hourly Parking

  • Employees may purchase one temporary permit for up to five days in a zone such as S11 (lots surrounding the Smith Center) if there is space availability. The U and RU campus circular bus routes serve these lots throughout the day. Proximate lots may have availability during break periods such as the winter and summer breaks.
  • Rams Head Deck, located on central campus, offers hourly/daily parking.
  • Meters located throughout campus provide short-term parking but are often limited to 3-hour or 30-minute parking. The new digital pay stations provide easy-to-use and more convenient payment options for parking.
  • Employees and students are not eligible and may receive citations for parking in lots solely designated for visitor/patient parking during regular Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. business hours.
  • Employees with a medical appointment may submit an online request for an Employee/Student Patient Permit prior to the appointment date. Please allow 3 days for mailing the permit. Permits can be picked up in person at:
    • Transportation & Parking Office at 285 Manning Drive;
    • Dogwood Deck Pay Operations Office (2nd Level at exit onto East Drive);
    • Hospital Parking Office (Bldg. across from Women’s & Children’s Hospital), ACC lot entrance (booth attendant will issue upon request).

Service Parking

Employees may utilize state vehicles or service permits to conduct University business. State vehicles and service permits are valid in service spaces for the designated time limits identified on the sign, permit, or in a regular space. Service permits are intended for short-term access (2-hour limit) to locations away from the primary work site or for loading/unloading at the primary work site. Service permits are monitored and are not intended for an employee to use for proximate parking. State vehicles and service permit access is managed through the employee’s department.

Waiting List

UNC employees may choose to go on a waiting list for a particular employee-parking zone. Contact the Department Coordinator to sign up for a zone waiting list. Employees may check waitlist status at Online Services.

  • Permanent employees receive priority on the waiting list based on the total state service date through October 31 of the academic year. Beginning November 1, date of request determines the waiting list position for both permanent and temporary employees.
  • Temporary and contract employees are placed on a waiting list after permanent employees based on the date of request. Parking Coordinators are responsible for adding employees to the waiting list by submitting requests.
  • UNC Hospitals employees may sign up for the hospital waitlist. For additional questions, please contact the Hospital Parking and Transportation office at 984-974-1031.
  • Employee waiting list permits are released the 3rd Friday of the following months: September, October, November, March, April and May of each year

Commuter Alternative Program (CAP)

Parking on campus is limited and many employees opt to join the Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) and utilize commuting choices such as local and regional transit, park and ride, carpool, vanpool, biking, and walking to access campus. The program promotes sustainability with economically and environmentally sound commuting opportunities. All CAP registrations are done online.