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Transportation and Parking uses virtual permits for parking across campus. Virtual permitting removes the need for physical hang tags, and instead, parking access is assigned and verified through license plate recognition (LPR). Once a plate is registered to Online Services, the license plate is the permit. The license plate must be visible from the travel lane of the parking space. Individual permit holders are responsible for ensuring that an accurate license plate(s) is registered through Online Services for virtual permitting.

Employees and students have the option to purchase a duplicate license plate for the front of the vehicle via Online Services that would allow backend or pull-through parking on campus. Front license plates must be fixed to the registered vehicle and visible from the traffic lane when parking.

To order a front license plate:

  • Login to Online Services
  • From the top menu, select “Permits,” then select “Get Permits”
  • From the drop-down menu, select your class or group (i.e. Employee or Senior Commuter), then select “Next”
  • Select “VEHICLE FRONT LICENSE PLATE / FRONT LICENSE PLATE ORDER”, select the acknowledge statement if you agree, then select “Next”
  • Select or add the vehicle you would like the front license plate for, then select “Next”
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Virtual or Print Permit,” then select “Next”
  • Select a payment method to complete the purchase
  • Front license plate orders are placed weekly, and may take 4-6 weeks to arrive
  • Email notification is sent when the plate is ready for pick up at the Transportation and Parking Office (hospital employees may pick up at the Hospital Parking Office)
  • Eliminates the need to come to the Office to pick up physical permits; no lines
  • Eliminates the requirement to display physical permits and move permits from vehicle-to vehicle
  • Once the plate is registered, no forgetting your permit
  • Zone changes and permit activation in real time
  • Lost or stolen permits and the associated replacement fees, police reports, and processing times will be eliminated
  • No longer have to pay a replacement fee for lost or stolen permits
  • Reduces paper/envelopes, ink, and plastic used for permit distribution
  • Reduced waste and litter in all campus lots
What is a virtual permit and how does it work?
A virtual permit means that no physical permit/hang tag is required. Instead, your license plate is registered in the system and serves as your credential. License plate recognition (LPR) technology scans your plate to verify that you are credentialed to park in the lot. Vehicles must park with license plate visible from the travel lane of the space.
Why can’t I back in or pull-through park?
You must have a valid front license plate to back in or pull-through park. Otherwise, back-in or pull through parking is not allowed. LPR technology must be able to read your plate from the travel lane of the parking space to verify your registered plate.
Do I still use my UNC OneCard for gate access?
Yes, for gated access lots, UNC OneCard will continue to be used.
When will I receive my permit?
Parking permits are virtual, so there is no physical permit. Instead, your license plate is your permit. Once you have registered your license plate in your online account and purchased a permit, you have parking privileges.
What if I drive multiple vehicles or get a new license plate?
You can register multiple and update vehicle license plates online. Only one vehicle may be on campus at a time associated with the permit. Any license plate registered to your account is your responsibility when parking on campus.
If I register more than one vehicle, does that mean I can park all of them on campus?
No, you may only park one vehicle on campus at one time with that paid virtual permit. Individuals who park more than one vehicle on campus at the same time must purchase a paid parking permit or session for the additional vehicle(s).