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Any person cited for violation of any portion of this Ordinance for which a civil penalty is imposed or a Vehicle is impounded or immobilized for violations may appeal in person, or in writing, or by email within ten calendar days of issuance to the Chancellor’s designated Hearing Officer.

Failure to meet the ten day appeal period requirement shall result in a forfeiture of all appeal privileges. The Hearing Officer shall review all written appeals and establish limited hours to review those in-person appeals that meet the ten-day requirement.

Written appeals must be submitted on a standard appeal form, available from the Department.

If the Hearing Officer decides the appeal against the appellant, he/she/they may appeal to the Chancellor, in writing, within ten calendar days of the date of the Hearing Officer’s decision.

The Chancellor may delegate to a committee or other body as he/she/they may establish authority to hear appeals on his/her/their behalf. Disposition of an appeal by a vote of the full committee to affirm without a panel hearing or by a vote of the majority of a panel in the case of an appeal having been referred to a panel for hearing shall be deemed to exhaust the available appellate procedures. Final disposition by the committee shall be understood to mean a ruling in which the committee or its panel affirms, modifies, or reverses a decision of the Hearing Officer. Any person cited to the District Court Division of the General Court of Justice for violation of this Ordinance constituting a misdemeanor must pursue his/her/their plea and appeal, if any, as provided by North Carolina law.

Submitting an appeal to the Chancellor’s designated Hearing Officer does not substitute for payment of the towing, immobilization, impoundment, and/or storage fees for removal of the impounded Vehicle. Such fees must be paid in accordance with the Vehicle Impoundment Fee. If the Hearing Officer decides the appeal in favor of the appellant, the Department will refund the costs of towing and storage.

In the event that the owner or operator elects to leave the Vehicle impounded during the University’s appeal process, the storage fees will be waived from the day the appeal is submitted to the Hearing Officer until the day the decision is rendered.


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