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Any person violating any provision of this Ordinance or a regulation issued hereunder is subject to a civil penalty as indicated in the following schedule:

Penalty Schedule
Violation Code Title of Ordinance Section Violated Amount of Civil Penalty
Sec. 3-1 Method of Parking $30
Sec. 3-1 Backend/Pull-through Parking $30
Sec. 3-3 Parking Zones $30
Sec. 3-6.1 Expired Meter $15 for meter expiration of 1 hour or less
Sec. 3-6.2 Cumulative Violations of Expired Meter $5 for each additional hour of meter expiration
Sec. 3-6.3 Extended Parking at Meters $25
Sec. 3-6.4 Abuse of Meters $50
Sec. 3-7 Controlled Access Zones $50
Sec. 3-14 Reserved Parking $50
Sec. 3-14.1 Visitor Disability Parking $250
Sec. 3-14.2 Service Zone Parking $50
Sec. 3-14.3 Disability Parking for UNC-Chapel Hill Employees, Students and Affiliates $50
Sec. 3-14.4 Electric Vehicle Parking $50
Sec. 3-16 Bus Stops $20
Sec. 3-17 State-owned Vehicle Parking $30
Sec. 3-18 Motorized Two-Wheeled Vehicle Parking $30
Sec. 3-19.1 Improper Bicycle Parking $10
Sec. 3-19.2 Bicycle Registration $5 for second violation; $10 for third and subsequent violations
Sec. 3-20 Temporary Parking Restrictions $50
Sec. 3-20.1 Overnight Parking Restrictions $50
Sec. 3-20.2 Athletic and Other Special Event Parking Restrictions $20
Sec. 3-21 Weeknight Parking $30
Sec. 3-23 Idling at Air Intake Vents $50
Sec. 3-24 Signs $50
Sec. 4-1 No Registered Plate $30
Sec. 4-1 Shared Permit/Plate $30
Sec. 4-1.3 Freshman Parking $25
Sec. 4-3 Display of Permits $5
Sec. 4-4 Counterfeiting/Altering Parking Permits $200
Sec. 4-5 Obtaining Parking Permits Through Unlawful Means $200
Sec. 4-6 Unauthorized Display Of Parking Permits $50
Sec. 5-1 Interference with Traffic $50
Sec. 5-2 Fire Lanes/Fire Hydrants $250
Sec. 5-3 Sidewalks and Landscape $30, plus cost of repair
Sec. 5-4 Speed Limits $20
Sec. 5-7 Vehicular Traffic at Marked Crosswalks $200
Sec. 5-8 Pedestrian Obstructing Traffic $50
Sec. 5-9 Passenger Pick Up and Discharge $20
Sec. 6-2 Emergencies; Law Enforcement Operational Necessities $50

Emergencies; Law Enforcement Operational Necessities

Vehicle operation and parking may be prohibited under emergency and/or other law enforcement operational necessities. It is unlawful for any person to violate police instructions related to this section.

Repeated Offenses

If any person is cited for violation of this Ordinance with respect to parking more than five times in a period of 12 months or more than twice in a period of 30 days, or is determined to owe more than $250.00 in unpaid fines, the Chancellor, through their designee(s), may cancel any parking permit issued to such person without refund of any portion of the fee paid thereof and may cause the violator’s license plate numbers to be entered on a list of repeat offenders. Once a person’s license plate numbers are placed on a repeat offender list, the Vehicle is subject to impoundment or immobilization upon being parked in violation of this Ordinance. A citation found to be invalid will not be counted for purpose of this section. Any repeat offenses may be forwarded to the appropriate agency for disciplinary action(s), (i.e., the Student Attorney General for students, the Office of Human Resources and the unit chair for SHRA employees, the unit chair for University faculty and EHRA non-faculty employees, and UNC Health Personnel Department for health system employees).

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