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The mission of the Employee Recognition Program Committee is to recognize exceptional and dedicated people with outstanding achievements in Transportation and Parking services. The Committee will also regularly review policies to ensure fair and equitable management of the Recognition Program. The Committee is also responsible for review and approval of nominations.


The committee consists of 7 members, including:

  • The executive assistant
  • Three representatives from parking
  • Three representatives from transportation

The executive assistant will serve as committee chair. Three representatives from Transportation and three representatives from Parking will serve two-year terms. The Director will attend the first quarterly meeting. During the year of service, committee members are not eligible for the Employee Excellence Award.

Representatives must be permanent employees with at least one year of service to the department. The associate director for parking will appoint three parking representatives; the associate director for transportation will appoint three transportation representatives. Associate directors should consider diversity and representation of the entire organization when nominating an employee to serve on the committee.

Committee members will also help the chair organize and host the ceremony.


Any UNC-Chapel Hill employee or customer may nominate another employee that meets the criteria for any award for exemplary service. Nominations should be submitted electronically, to the executive assistant in hard copy or a manual form can be obtained from the committee chair.


  • Nominations collected each quarter (July, October, January, April)
  • Nominations reviewed each quarter
  • Ceremony occurs late June

The director’s office will collect nominations quarterly. Nominations will be reviewed prior to Committee review by the Executive Assistant and Administrative Support Specialist to verify nominations have been made within the appropriate category. Any nominations that appear to better fit another category will be returned to the nominator for revision or re-categorization. The nominator has 5 business days to return a revised nomination.

The nominations along with a rubric will be provided to each committee member for review upon close of each nomination period. Committee members will complete and return to chair for compilation by a designated deadline. In the event the committee chair receives a nomination, committee members will submit scores to the Director.

A department-wide ceremony will be held during the summer to announce and recognize recipients.

The T&P Director will present all recognition awards during ceremony.


Committee Members will assist in the following duties:

  • Date – Determine date of ceremony
  • Ceremony – Determine/Reserve/Manage venue
  • Decorations – Determine decorations and assist with set up prior to ceremony
  • Food – Work with caterer to determine menu
  • Certificates – Chair & Director’s Office
  • Set up/Clean Up

The ceremony program will be compiled by director’s office. Electronic and paper copies will be available for the ceremony.

Recognition Categories

Committee members will review all nominations and rate the nominees based on the performance criteria for the category using rubric provided quarterly. Once all reviewers rubrics are received, scores will be compiled and the average of any nominations at 60% or greater will be presented to the Director for final review.

  • Demonstrates a unique level of service that fosters business relationships and further enhances the reputation of T&P and the University.
  • Consistently provides high-quality, reliable, responsive, and critical work that is perceptible in daily operations.
  • Demonstrates a steady willingness to improve work experience and campus access for colleagues and customers.
  • Positively influences others in working towards departmental or organizational goals regularly.
  • Serves as a model citizen to students, faculty, employee, and visitors.
  • Actively participates in fostering others through change initiatives and collaboration.
  • Invests time and effort in coaching or mentoring.
  • Serves as role models to others through positive interactions.
  • Continuously respond to needs of co-workers and customers.
  • Act in a cooperative way by “doing the right thing” for another person or group.
  • Complement co-worker(s) strengths and abilities towards departmental goals.
  • Respond as a unit to non-standard business calls that complements other sections and areas.
  • Provide valuable resources or solutions in response to situational demands.
  • Contributes to the “Three Zeros” goal through daily work such as limiting printing, turning out lights, recycling, bringing a refillable water bottle, et cetera.
  • Develops new ideas, strategies, or operations that directly impact sustainability goals.
  • Utilizes technology to enhance departmental resources and services.
  • Develops new ideas, strategies, or operations that directly impact financial performance goals.
  • Optimizes work force/man power to better utilize existing resources.
  • Models sustainable business models to support affordable education.
  • Performs service or action above or outside of standard job duties.
  • Demonstrates compassion or care for others beyond work.
  • Must be a permanent employee
  • Exemplifies the characteristics of customer service, leadership & collaboration, team effort, sustainability, and financial performance
  • Demonstrates excellent and innovative partnerships to achieve department, division, and university goals
  • Consistently exceeds expectations

Committee members will review all nominations and submit two final candidates for director decision. A brief biography of each candidate will be included in the ceremony program. The recipient of the award will be announced at the ceremony. The recipient will receive a commemorative item.

The Director will send a decision letter before the ceremony to the nominees.

  • Years of Service: T&P will recognize employees who have milestone years of service during the ceremony based on names from Human Resources.
  • Community Service: Recognition for employees who voluntarily participate in Community Service. Information can be provided by colleagues. Names of those being recognized will be listed in program.
  • Training & Professional Development Milestones: Recognition for employees who complete a T&P professional development program, an educational degree, or specialized training program. Names of those being recognized will be listed in program.
  • Managers will accumulate this information throughout the year and will provide to committee for recognition by the close of nominations.