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Limits: South Road to Manning Drive
Kenan Stadium East Path Connector

Purpose of Improvements

This connection will complete an important north-south shared use path system between Manning Drive and South Road.

Existing Conditions

  • The existing 16-foot wide shared use path across Rams Head Center serves as a primary route for pedestrians and bicyclists between Morrison Hall and South Road. It presently ends at the north side entrance to Kenan Stadium in a small parking lot.
  • There are inadequate pedestrian and bicycle connections between the north side of Kenan Stadium and South Road.
  • This pathway is maintained by UNC-CH.

Short-Term Recommendation

Intersection Reconstruction

The intersection of Stadium Drive/Kessing parking lot is dangerous for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicular traffic and has been identified for improvements. Improvements may include removal of parking to aid visibility, and stop signs to slow vehicular traffic in the area.

Primary Implementation Challenges: parking loss, intersection reconstruction, coordination with future Stadium Drive recommendations

Probable Construction Cost: $50,000

Long-Term Recommendation

Shared-Use Path

Complete the path from the north side parking lot of Kenan Stadium to the Bell Tower/South Road crossing. The path should be constructed to a width of 14 to 20 feet due to the need to accommodate high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists. This would likely require removal of some parking and construction of the path along the perimeter of Kenan Stadium up to the new emergency vehicle lane on the northeast side of the stadium. Connect the path to Pit Bridge over South Road at the intersection with Stadium Drive/Kessing parking lot. There are multiple alignment options to complete this path:

  1. Alignment along the stadium and connecting to the existing fire road would require some tree removal, or
  2. Alignment along the west side of Stadium Drive and widening of the existing sidewalk could be accomplished by:
    • Widening sidewalk west into the wooded area to preserve Stadium Drive
    • Widening the sidewalk east into Stadium Drive by narrowing Stadium Drive access aisle or reconfiguring parking to parallel style parking

Primary Implementation Challenges: reconstruction of Bell Tower landscaping to create direct access to existing crosswalk, restriction of parking, tree removal, coordination with future Stadium Drive recommendations and future Pit Bridge over South Road

Probable Construction Cost: $598,515