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UNC-Chapel Hill partners with Spin to provide a bikeshare program for the Carolina community. Bikesharing is a convenient and cost-effective way to get around while certified personnel keep the bicycles maintained. A fleet of 100 Tar Heel Bikes (provided by Spin) are located at bikeshare hubs across campus. These e-bikes are available for use by students, employees and visitors and may be used on campus.

Bike Hub Locations
Bikes at hub

How much does it cost to ride an e-bike?

  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing: $1.00 to unlock plus $0.29 per minute.
  • Monthly Pass Pricing: $6.99 flat monthly rate plus $0.29 per minute, with the unlock fee waived.

How to use

Download the Spin app in the App Store or Google Play. Unlock the e-bike by scanning the unique QR codes.

Download the App

App Store
Google Play

Spin Safe

Spin wants you to be safe when using the e-bikes. Visit Spin Safe to find videos about how to stay safe during your trip and earn a $5 SPIN credit by scoring 100 percent on the safety quiz.

Tips for riding e-bikes

  • Wear a helmet when riding.
  • Ride in the street.
  • Obey local traffic laws.
  • Ride sober.
  • Stay clear of large and turning vehicles.
  • Park e-bikes in designated bike racks.

Having trouble or an issue with an e-bike?