Bike Share

Coming to UNC Fall 2017!

Bike share is a convenient and cost effective way to bike on campus, while certified personnel keep the bicycle maintained. Coming soon, 100 bikes will be located at stations throughout campus.

UNC students and employees may use their email address to join the upcoming bike share program, Tar Heel Bikes. Visitors may also utilize the program for daily use.

How will it work?

  • Register: Download the Social Bicycles App and register for Tar Heel Bikes.
  • Release: Registered users get a personal 6-digit account number and a 4-digit PIN code to enter on the bicycle keypad. Use the App to reserve a bike up to 10 minutes before the start time. Users can also see bike availability at any of the station locations.
  • Ride: Users may ride directly from one station on campus to another OR make a stop between stations by putting the bicycle on “hold.”
  • Return: Simply lock the bike to a rack at a station and “end the ride.” See stats like duration and distance!
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