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Limits: Manning Drive to Manning Drive
Skipper Bowles Drive

Purpose of Improvements

This route has potential to provide an internal north-south route between athletic facilities and the academic campus. Improvements to the section between Kenan Drive and Manning Drive are a critical link to the East Kenan Route.

Existing Conditions

  • There are no existing bicycle accommodations.
  • There are 6- to 10-foot sidewalks on both sides north of Kenan Drive.
  • There are 6- to 16-foot sidewalks on the south side of road south of Kenan Drive.
  • The steep grade is a significant barrier for northbound bicyclists.
  • The roadway is maintained by UNC-CH.

Short-Term Recommendation

Shared Lane Markings

Add shared lane markings in the center of the outside lanes with a single BICYCLES MAY USE FULL LANE signs.

Primary Implementation Challenges: none

Probable Construction Cost: $9,650

Long-Term Recommendation

Shared Use Path

As part of a roadway reconstruction or through redevelopment of adjacent properties, replace existing sidewalks with 14-20 foot wide shared use paths on the west and south side of the roadway. Wider paths are recommended along Dean Smith Center.

Primary Implementation Challenges: May require relocation or construction of retaining walls, as well as existing stormwater treatment facilities.

Probable Construction Cost: $688,550