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The Weeknight Parking Program Working Group provides reports, presentations and recommendations to the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking to assist in implementing the Weeknight Parking Program.


Transportation and Parking is a receipt-supported business enterprise that is dependent on parking permit fees, hourly lot receipts and student and department transportation fees. By law, fine revenues, excluding a 20% allowance for operating costs, are transferred to the State of North Carolina for K-12 funding. Services are provided to meet University-wide access needs including those for academics, student life, health care, performing arts and athletics. UNC-Chapel Hill’s transportation system relies heavily on local transit to provide access to campus. As a partner in the Chapel Hill Transit system with the Town of Chapel Hill and the Town of Carrboro, UNC-Chapel Hill is responsible for 100% of the cost associated with UNC-Chapel Hill fully allocated routes and over one third of the cost of shared routes.

Specific Responsibilities of the Weeknight Parking Program Working Group

Members of the Weeknight Parking Program Working Group are expected to engage in the following actions:

  • Knowledge Acquisition – Participate in meetings and discussions to acquire a community perspective on issues and policy impacts related to weeknight parking.
  • Planning – Actively participate in the University’s transportation and parking planning efforts to present recommendations that are environmentally and financially sustainable, efficient, convenient and safe. Work in collaboration with the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking, representative groups and community members to develop a strategy for the Weeknight Parking Program that best servers the academic and health care missions.
  • Advising – Provide reports, presentations and recommendations to the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking and the Transportation and Parking Executive Sponsors to assist them in setting transportation and parking policy. Review, discuss and provide advice on changes to the Weeknight Parking Program related to services and implementation.
  • Communication and Input – Develop an effective communication plan to inform and solicit transportation and parking input from the campus community. Participate actively as a spokesperson for one’s representative group and for the working group. Solicit input regarding proposed policy and service needs via survey tools, in-person presentations and feedback forms featured on the committee webpage.
  • Documentation and Reporting – Document meeting information, for the advisory committee and all subcommittees, including charters, agendas, meeting minutes, data and reports on a project management software such as Basecamp. Transportation and Parking will provide statistical and budget data and other relevant supporting information on the transportation and parking system. The group will provide a written report and presentation regarding deliberations and final recommendations. Opposing points of view are expected and will be fully discussed. If not completely resolved, opposing viewpoints will be reflected in the group’s recommendations or report. As decisions are made, Transportation and Parking’s website will be updated promptly to assure that the campus community receives accurate, complete and timely information.


The working group will include representative members appointed by the leadership of each representative group. The Committee shall be broadly representative of primary campus constituencies. The Committee is chaired by the Director of Transportation and Parking (ex officio). Other ex officio members include Transportation and Parking Associate Directors. Appointed members may assign a back-up representative to attend meetings in their absence.

No more than two representatives will be appointed by the leadership of the representative group from the following areas:

  • Executive Sponsors
  • Performing Arts
  • Athletics
  • Postdoctoral Fellows
  • UNC Hospital
  • Undergraduate Student Government
  • Faculty Council
  • Employee Forum
  • College, Schools, and Libraries
  • Student Affairs
  • Medical School

Additional ex officio members will include the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises, Director of Public Safety, and the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Operations, Planning and Design.

Committee Procedures

The Weeknight Parking Working Group provides diverse perspectives and advice regarding the implementation of the Weeknight Parking Program. The group’s composition is intended to bring together the perspectives of primary constituencies concerning important transportation and parking access. Members are not elected to serve as a proportionately representative oversight, policy or rulemaking body; the group will be making recommendations but will not be voting on decisions or approving budgets. Relevant data and research associated with service prevision will be provided to the group so that members are able to provide informed advice and recommendations to the Advisory Committee. As a working group, members must understand that the University has many competing needs and limited resources, thus not every recommendation can be implemented.

Although the group should take all concerns seriously, it should endeavor to provide advice that is consistent with the Campus Master Plan and the Development Plan and will be viewed as balanced, objective, fair, practical and in the best interests of the entire campus community.

Additional ex officio members will include the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises and Town of Chapel Hill/Police.

Weeknight Parking Working Group Members
Representing Name Start of Term Duration
Chair Cheryl Stout
Director, Transportation & Parking
Student Affairs Chris Payne
Assoc. VC for Student Affairs
Athletics John Brunner
Assistant Athletic Director for Event Management
Employee Forum Shayna Hill
Material Manager, UNC School of Dentistry
Faculty Council TBD N/A N/A
Graduate Professional Student Federation Carlos Patiño Descovich
Ally Clonch
Manny Hernandez
Medical School Katie Eimers, M.S.Ed.
Undergraduate Student Government Sam Blank
Transportation & Parking Than Austin
Associate Director, Transportation & Parking
Will Steen
Associate Director, Parking Services & Strategy
Town of Chapel Hill Meg McGurk
Community Safety Planner
UNC Hospitals Mel Hurston
Sr. Vice President, Professional Services
UNC Hospitals Jeff Watson
Parking and Transportation Manager, UNC Hospitals
Playmakers Justin Haslett
Managing Director, PlayMakers Repertory
Colleges, Schools, and Libraries Tom Thornburg
Senior Associate Dean, School of Government
Colleges, Schools, and Libraries Tonu Kalam
Professor, Assistant Department Chair, Music
Postdoctoral Fellows Sibby Anderson-Thompkins
Director, Postdoctoral Affairs
Postdoctoral Fellows Alex Tuttle
UNC School of Medicine
Housekeeping Herb Richmond
Director of Housekeeping